About the Ackerman Geometry and the New Communication Interface

This article summarises the announced optimisation of data transfer between the RController and the RMaster, as well as a new method for calculating each wheel position for better manoeuvrability. The problems visible in the last demo reel should be solved by these improvements, which will be visible in our next video.

GitHub Organisation

A new GitHub organisation for the public presentation of free software components of our Rover has been established. Anybody who is interested in our work can therefore access the published parts of the code in recently created repositories of the HARPTech organisation.

All internal changes in open source components are automatically mirrored to the repositories of this organisation. If pull requests arrive, we will of course check those requests and attempt to include them in the remaining code.

Release of RTest as Debian package

The regulation-kernel testing software RTest has been released as .deb package. The regulation kernel and therefore the core element of VERNER can now be executed in Linux systems, without the need for additional dependencys. The software es able to automatically run all RSupport library based RKs and embed them in the existing visualisation. Python based RKs are also supported by the means of included Python modules.

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